Welcome to Big Box Wood and the workshop of upstate woodworker Kurt Albright. My shop and all its resources are committed to two things: continuing customer satisfaction and product innovation. To that end I am constantly updating my shop with the latest technology and resources to complete projects on time, on budget, and most importantly producing something the customer really needs. I have recently added professional level CNC capabilities to my shop, and look forward to further pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished in upstate NY.

When you work with me on a project you can be assured that I take a personal interest in your unique situation. After all I’m the one who will handle your design, produce your project, and yes as much as you might not like it, take your money. I’m planted right here in the New York Capital Region and you can be assured that this is where your project will start and end. I will not send your project overseas or outsource it to someone else. If I can’t do the job I’ll tell you. It’s that simple. From an environmental perspective I strive to use only responsibly harvested wood products, and if at all possible sourced from New York.